To whom it my concern

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Monica Kelly for more than 15 years. She and I got acquainted when we worked at the same company, in different departments. She helped me gather information on a regular basis. I got to know her gradually, and I realized she is someone who is really worth knowing. Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Monica has a way of making people feel better, like they are capable of more, no matter where they are at right now. And she is capable of helping you figure out how to take responsibility for that. I always walked away from my interactions with her feeling at least a little more valuable than I did before. What a gift to the people around her! Monica and I have been on a journey together to make our lives more worthwhile. Our paths are very different, but Monica never expected me to do everything like her, she just seemed to always support me in being the healthiest, best me I could be. She accepted my help in boosting her when she needed it and she sure boosted me plenty of times. She is not shy about giving credit for her growth to God, but she’s not falsely humble either. It’s that she really believes in growth being a community effort, driven by God. No one person could do all this alone. I absolutely love seeing her work with Fresh Soil; it’s like her whole life was leading up to this. She’s been where you are and she’s done the work to get herself out. I am a witness. Monica keeps it real. It doesn’t matter if you have more or less than her – it’s never about that comparison. It’s about meeting a person where they are in life, no matter how messed up they think their mistakes are, no matter if they are different than her, or the same. She leaves the judgement to God and just listens, prays and helps. Nowhere do I see this more than in her efforts in Fresh Soil. San Diego needs this program, needs Monica, maybe as much as she needs all of us. Don’t be afraid to reach out to her, she will love you, even if you’re at a place where you don’t love yourself very much. If you are looking here, you probably are looking for a way out, or you’re looking to contribute to a worthwhile project. Contact Monica at Fresh Soil. You are worth her time and Fresh Soil is worth yours.

Samantha Williams

Great Mentor

I am a parent of Fresh Soil mentee Makayla, and when I asked Monica to mentor my daughter I knew she was in good hands. Not only is she my friend from Junior high school, I’ve watched Monica Kelly grow as a woman of God, she not only talks the talk she walks the walk.

My daughter has someone she’s able to share her thoughts and fears with and know that it is safe and it stays with her mentor. I trust Monica with my daughter’s life.
I know she will treat as one of her own children, and I thank God for the vision Monica Kelly has for young girls to see them grow up and be someone in life.

FYI she don’t play with them, she’s not their parent she’s a mentor and she will let them know that up front.

Ms. Vonda Steen

Seeing The Change in Myself

I been a fresh soil mentee for about a year and a few months now. Before Fresh Soil I was acting up in school, getting kicked out, fighting, having a bad attitude, and just not doing what I was suppose to do.
My mom felt I needed a mentor in my life to guide me in a different direction and show me how to make changes because, the way I was acting before Fresh Soil wasn’t getting me no where in life. This past year being a member in Fresh Soil I have made a huge improvement.

Ms. Monica, my mentor showed me how to make change in my life, she helped me realize I am capable of becoming someone I knew I could be. I still act up every once in awhile but not how I use to.
I love being in Fresh Soil because it helps me with my communication skills & I love being around a group of girls that can help me whenever I need them.


Everyone Need a Listening Ear

I think it’s nice to have a place where the girls can go and talk about their personal problems, get help with different situations such as school and jobs. It also let the girls know they are not alone and Fresh Soil is there to listen and help…

LaToya Davis

Fresh Soil is a Positive Influence

Hi my name is Mi’Yanna and I like being in Fresh Soil because it’s a positive influence for me. Mrs. Monica helps me overcome my challenges that I face.

She’s always there for me when I need her. The group is amazing, because it helps me understand that I’m not the only one going through things, there are girls my age going through the same type of things I am dealing with also. Fresh Soil is a really helpful and positive group to be in.

Mentee – Mi’Yanna

Her Persistence

“I have known Monica Kelly for almost 18 years now. Her faith in God, persistence and diligence is what impresses me most about this woman. How appropriate that God Blessed her with Fresh Soil.

Here she can be the Mentor and Leader that the Lord has prepared her to be. She has walked the walk and now can talk the talk to young people who are looking for genuine role models.”

Diane Melvin, Retired Human Resources, San Diego Transit Corp/MTS